System discount:


1 item per order VS more than 1 item per order

If you ordered more than 1 item, the shipping fee of combining the items in an order is LOWER than ordering individually. (e.g. shipping fee for 2 items in 1 order is lower than 2 items in 2 separate orders)

Big orders (From 3 items) discount:


We will create an invoice with an INSTANT DISCOUNT, we need

  1. List of items’ names you'd like to order
  2. Shipping option you choose
  3. Your shipping address
  4. Your email address (the one used to sign up for an account)

The MORE ITEMS you purchase in 1 order, the BIGGER DISCOUNT you have.

New CHEAP and FASTER Shipping Service for Big Orders:


We HELPED TO STORE items at our warehouse and ship all items at once to offer the LOWEST SHIPPING FEE.


We offer the LOWEST SHIPPING FEE and SPLIT SHIPMENT (any of your items in the order will be shipped immediately once released). This helps you to AVOID the LONG WAIT.

For the confirmed orders, if you want to add more items (added items are not required more than 3 items), the discount will become the discount credit for your next order.


Loyal customers discount:

For every 3 orders, you get a discount credit for the next order. The discount credit will be sent to your email address and can be applied to your next order.

Newly posted items discount:

New items (which are posted in the shop) have LIMITED DISCOUNT TIMES- Buy when you see the price is good. The price will probably increase.

Wished items discount:

When you ask for particular items that are not in the shop, (if we could find and sell them) we may offer you lower prices than our selling prices if we could.

Pre-order items discount: 

For the same item, the pre-order price is usually cheaper than the in-stock price
- Buy when you see the price is good. The price will probably increase.


For all discounts, in some special situations, the discount may not apply or apply differently. Berry Beary reserves the right to the final decision.
Please contact us to ask first if you are not sure.