Wish Your Particular Item

We hope what we sell is loved by everyone, but it is hard. So we offer:

We can help to find the item you wish or desire.
We find it from reliable suppliers:

For branded (official and third party) products: they are AUTHENTIC.

Note: you can search or ask to understand about third party products.

For no-brand (unbranded) products: we will find them from suppliers who have the most sales and good reviews.

We offer it at a competitive price.

Note: we DO NOT give false or untrue information about the items. 

It depends on what you ask (a popular branded or a third-party item). There is a chance we couldn't find it or couldn't sell it at the most competitive price. Then we will tell you that we can't help. We DO NOT give false or untrue information about the items because this is the whole point of this service.


Free Option:

If you have a desire for an item or you have ideas about what we can sell in our shop, feel free to inbox us through Facebook and Instagram. This will definitely orient us toward your needs and we appreciate that. 

Paid Option: For now, we help with no charge

Contact us at berrybeary.eshop@gmail.com 

Describe a product/ item. The more details you can provide, the higher chance we can find it for you.

We ask for a small fee of $1 up-front per item and it is non-refundable

Then another small fee of $2 up-front per item and this will be refunded if we could not help or could not find the item. However, if we found you an exact item or fulfilled your description on your desired item, and you do not want to continue to purchase for any reason, this $2 fee is then non-refundable.

If in the end you are happy to purchase the item, then the total up-front payments $1 and $2 will be included in the price.