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(Pre-order) Toys Alliance Archecore ARC-42 Mithril Hawk Centaur Arche Knight

(Pre-order) Toys Alliance Archecore ARC-42 Mithril Hawk Centaur Arche Knight

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**This is a Pre-order**

Karsten is a republic ruled by a Parliament of Knights. As such, knights enjoy high social position and occupy leadership roles at various levels of the military. As Arche technology became more widespread and the blue crystal supply increased, the knights began to replace their traditional armor with Arche Armor, and therefore became known as Arche Knights. But Arche Armor designed for infantry was obviously a poor match for the traditional image of a knight mounted on horseback. To solve this problem, and to emphasize their status as members of the nobility, high-ranking knights needed a more impressive getup.

Thus, the Karstenite consul ordered Arche armorers to develop an Arche-based version of a knight's equipment. The result was a suit of centaur-shaped armor, which was distributed to high-ranking knights in command positions. This particular suit of Centaur Knight armor belongs to Dieter von Feuerbach, Grand Master of the knights, appointed by the consul as second-in-command under Judge Narcissus von Herbst. His true mission: reining in the crafty judge.

Though his mission is political, Dieter himself is an excellent fighter highly skilled at leading a traditional knights in a charge. In place of the knight's classic weapon, the lance, he uses Dragonslayer, a longsword made from coldfire alloy , a special substance refined from the lava of a blue crystal volcano. Coldfire alloy is better at conducting energy than traditional volcanic crystal alloy; when charged with blue crystal energy, it is capable of emitting enough energy to cut through a chimera carapace. When Dieter leads the charge as a Centaur Knight, he's unstoppable. He fights like a dragon-slaying knight from a fairy tale.

But despite his martial valor, he remains unable to restrain the headstrong Narcissus, who has repeatedly used his own Centaur Knight armor to leave Dieter in his dust on the battlefield.

Brand: Toys Alliance

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Product Features

  • 5 inches (13cm)
  • 1/35 Scale
  • Made of ABS, PVC, POM, PA
  • Part of the ARCHECORE brand
  • Over 30 points of articulation
  • Interchangeable parts and accessories

Box Contents

  • Baron Dieter figure
  • 8 Alternate hands
  • Alternate head
  • Dragonslayer sword
  • 4 Connector pieces

Estimated time of arrival: Jan 2025

SKU: BB-COL-ACT-24-01666


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