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Toys Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A67 Steel Unstoppable Bomber

Toys Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A67 Steel Unstoppable Bomber

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While the others have wrestled with the changes the Buck Team has undergone, Steel has taken them in stride. Being able to take down the Hisarl Fortress—and thereby avenge his father’s death and close that chapter of his life—helped Steel to grow not just as a soldier, but as a man.

The happy-go-lucky bomber has enjoyed passing on his skills to other would-be demolitionists and bomb disposal experts. He has also, in his spare time, taken up a course in architecture at the University of Auth. As Bucks’ chief demolitionist, Steel requested that his Power Armor, codenamed Blockbuster, be able to link up with an external Dual Arm Mechanical Appendage  that has both practical (in manipulating explosives) and combat (in punching enemy combatants) applications.

Notably, the external appendage also allows Steel to both lay explosives and fire weapons at the same time, meaning there is never a moment for the enemy to relax —for Steel, more firepower is always needed. 

Brand: Toys Alliance

Product Features

  • 1/18 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of the FAV line
  • Highly detailed weathering effect
  • Compatible with 1/18 scale Acid Rain figures
  • Figures and other accessories shown not included

Box Contents

  • Steel figure
  • Gas mask
  • AM-22 anti-tank mine
  • 2 Plastic explosives
  • Explosive detonator
  • Mine detonator
  • Orabella AMG-510 machine gun
  • Machine gun magazine
  • Bipod
  • Cecilia ARL-36 rocket launcher
  • 3 Anti-tank guided missiles
  • 2 Grenades
  • Dual arm mechanical appendage
  • AP6T tactical pistol

SKU: BB-COL-ACT-23-01006


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