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Axytoys Dinosaur Battle field Carnotaurus Leader Axy003 Green

Axytoys Dinosaur Battle field Carnotaurus Leader Axy003 Green

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The dinosaur battlefield - On another earth in a different time and space, there are ancient continents, which are inhabited by various kinds of ancient creatures. And in the present era, dinosaur humanoids dominate the ancient continents, while other ancient creatures are mostly uncivilized primitive creatures. 

The ancient creatures are divided into two main races: Carnivores and Herbivores. 

This 1/12 Scale Carnotaurus Leader figure features many points of articulation and accessories, allowing for easy customization and posablity. Each Dinosaur Battlefield figure comes with a complete set of armor and weapons set!

Brand: Axytoys

Product Features

  • 7.87 inches (20cm)
  • 1/12 Scale 
  • Made of plastic 
  • Highly articulated
  • Includes many accessories for added customization
  • Green Version
  • Other figures shown sold separately
  • Chance of rare white variant

Box Contents

  • Carnotaurus Leader figure
  • 3 Pairs of alternate hands
  • Ornamental bones and horns accessories
  • Armor set
    • Shoulder armor
    • Wrist armor
    • Belt/Hip armor
    • Shin armor
    • Interchangeable spikes and horns for armor set
  • Weapons set
    • Axe weapon
    • Holster
    • Dagger

Estimated time of arrival: Oct-Nov 2023

SKU : BB-COL-ACT-23-00588


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