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D20 Studio 1/12 Wave 3 Bonestabber Giant Wild Boar Brown Ver.

D20 Studio 1/12 Wave 3 Bonestabber Giant Wild Boar Brown Ver.

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The second mount species in the wilderness series. Giant wild boar.

The legendary giant wild boar in the remote and mysterious virgin forest of Northeast Asia is cruel and fierce in nature. Under the cruel and harsh environment, only the giant individual with strong body and huge fangs can survive. This also makes the tribes living here flock to it. Although they are stubborn and fiery, there are always excellent hunters who can tame them.

This wild boar mount is the second bullet in the characters in this mysterious wilderness. It can be matched with various 6-inch and 7-inch (1 / 12) figures. It can also be used as a combat pet for 12 inch soldiers (1 / 6). In the future, there will be various movable human dolls close to the statue level, and various characters in the world will appear one by one in the near future. As a ferocious mount, you should have a beautiful suit of armor. Based on the area where it haunts, it still inherits the style of the first big wolf bone, and designs a full-body armor with bone and fur as the main elements.

There are 24 movable joints in the whole body, which can pose more vividly.

Brand: D20 Studio

SKU: BB-COL-ACT-24-01502


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