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Fury Planet 1/12 Rabbit Kensai Nameless 22cm

Fury Planet 1/12 Rabbit Kensai Nameless 22cm

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FuRay Planet is an imaginary planet full of anthropomorphic characters. Set in a modern world with different countries and cultures, this series features various colorful characters, each has its own story and role to play. These action figures feature mature design, delicate paint job and great playability. Each figure also comes with a comic book to tell the background story.

The 4th character is "Kensai the Nameless One", who is a sword master. For quite some time, Kensai had been closely guarding a mysterious baby girl, whose identity is related to a huge secret only known to a handful of people. Because of that, Kensai needed to fend off constant attacks from assassins, until one day he met an extremely powerful foe... With his dying breath, Kensai entrusted the child to Weng, who is a lifelong friend, hoping Weng will take up the torch and protect the little girl.

Brand: Fury Planet

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Product Features

  • Materials:PVC, POM
  • Height: 22CM (feet to ears), 19CM (feet to head)
  • Weight:around 500g
  • Scale:1/12

Box Contents

  • comic book
  • mask X4
  • sward X2
  • sheath X2
  • helmet
  • bamboo hat
  • alternative hand X8
  • sword effect X2
  • straw rain cape

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    SKU: BB-COL-ACT-23-01065


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