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I8 Toys Serene Hound Troop Be 1/6 Scale Figure

I8 Toys Serene Hound Troop Be 1/6 Scale Figure

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The Serene Hound Troops are the exclusive armed forces team sent to annihilate all potential threats toward human society brought on by witches that possess supernatural powers. To deal with the increasing number of witches, the Committee implemented the cloning plan called Hematopoietic Agent. The program clones outstanding members of the Serene Hounds to get an army of superior soldiers.

Serene Hound figures Cer and Rus shown as reference and not included in purchase (sold separately).

Brand: I8 Toys

Product Features

  • 1/6 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Hybrid teenage body with metal skeleton
  • Highly articulated
  • Moveable eyes
  • Sculpted hair

Box Contents

  • Serene Hound Be figure
  • 10 Hands
  • Tactical straps
  • Tactical backpack
  • 2 Tactical small bags
  • Black short skirt uniform
  • Black uniform jacket
  • White bodysuit
  • White underpants
  • White long stockings
  • Maid belly pocket
  • Black high heel shoes
  • Black glasses
  • Maid headset
  • 2 MK2
  • P90 with cartridge clip
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