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Joy Toy Orks Squighog Nob On Smasha Squig Set

Joy Toy Orks Squighog Nob On Smasha Squig Set

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Joy Toy Bipedal wrecking balls that charge ahead of the Ork lines, JoyToy Smasha Squigs live in a state of near-permanent concussion thanks to their tendency to headbutt everything. Only the surliest and most aggressive Orks can wrangle them towards enemy lines, but the resulting impact of a charging unit of Squighog Boyz is worth it as they crumple metal, flesh, and bone. 

Brand: Joy Toy

Product Features

  • 1/18 Scale

  • Made of plastic

  • Based on Warhammer 40K

  • Highly detailed

  • Fully articulated

Box Contents

  • Nob figure

  • Smasha Squig figure

  • Shoota

  • Big Choppa

  • Stand

Estimated arrival time: Q4 2022


SKU : BB-COL-ACT-22-00248


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