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Joy Toy Saluk Flame Dragon Cavalry (Crimson) Set

Joy Toy Saluk Flame Dragon Cavalry (Crimson) Set

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Joy Toy Battle for the Stars Saluk Flame Dragon Cavalry (Crimson) 1/18 Scale Set. Originally, JoyToy Flame Dragons inhabited a planet abound with active volcanos. The severe natural environment there forced Flame Dragons to evolve scales that are nearly unbreakable and fireproof. 

Brand: Joy Toy

Product Features

  • Figure: 3.75 inches (9.52cm)

  • Flame Dragon: 7.2 x 11.2 x 4.6 inches (18.5cm x 28.6cm x 11.7cm)

  • 1/18 Scale

  • Highly articulated

  • Dragon transforms into a motorcycle

Box Contents

  • Saluk figure

    • Polearm 

    • Helmet

    • 3 Pairs of hands

  • Flame dragon

    • 6 Add-ons for motorcycle 

  • Stand


SKU : BB-COL-ACT-22-00203


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