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Patriot Studio Captain Silverblade PRE003B Deluxe 1/12

Patriot Studio Captain Silverblade PRE003B Deluxe 1/12

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Brand: Patriot Studio

Deposit: $20

Full Price: $166 USD plus shipping

2nd Payment is required when the item is going to be released shortly, you will receive an invoice through email for the 2nd payment and shipping.

**Deposit can only be refunded as store credit before we send out the email for 2nd payment and shipping**

Product Features

  • One piece of headsculpt
  • One piece of PA body
  • One pair of normal gloved hand
  • One pair of gloved hand holdong rifle
  • One pair of gloved hand holding pistols
  • One pair of gloved hand holding intercom
  • One piece of golved hand pointing directions
  • One set of costume
  • One pair of boot
  • One piece of rifile(ASSAULT RIFLE)
  • One piece of watch
  • One piece of dagger and dagger set
  • One set of intercom
  • Two pieces of holster
  • One pair of knee pads
  • One piece of pistol(NINE-OH-NINE)
  • One piece of pistol (Desert Eagle)
  • One piece of corrupting crow
  • One piece of experiment MA-38
  • One piece of rifile(SEMI-AUTOMATICSR)
  • One piece of shotgun(ASSAULT SHOTGUN)
  • One piece of rocket launcher
  • Three pieces of Grenades
  • One piece of oil drum
  • One piece of roadblock with controller
  • Scene base(magnet induced luminescence)
  • Special note:
    • PACSD003 Deluxe Edition, traffic light turn on and off with sensing function. When the roadblock close to traffic light, it will have 3 modes. Lights on, lights off and lights flashing.

Estimated time of arrival: Q1-Q2 2024

SKU: BB-COL-ACT-23-00856


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