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Toys Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A75 Swiftwing Speeder MKL2a

Toys Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A75 Swiftwing Speeder MKL2a

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When Mason put together his Vespid Vanguard crew as the AMM’s Rapid Reaction Force, he received complaints that the Speeder Mk1’s that they had purchased from Agurts were simply too slow for their purposes. They needed something faster and more flexible that could respond with unparalleled speed to small-scale conflicts. Mason listened, and responded, putting in a custom request at Laurel Co in Agurts. The result was the Swiftwing Speeder MkL2a, which boasts being the fastest and more maneuverable response vehicle in the Gray Zones. Its consequent combat success at the hands of the Vespids has led Laurel to consider making the Swiftwing more widely available.

Brand: Toys Alliance

Product Features

  • 1/18 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of the FAV line
  • Highly detailed weathering effect
  • Compatible with 1/18 scale Acid Rain figures
  • Other figures and accessories shown not included

Box Contents

  • Swifting Speeder MKL2a vehicle
  • MG09b Machine dun 
  • 2 Armored Arm guards
  • D-55/P Helmet-mounted display
  • M-3HD Helmet-mounted display
  • S-AVs Helmet-mounted display

SKU : BB-COL-ACT-23-00595


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