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Toys Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A92 Neuer

Toys Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A92 Neuer

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When you’re born in Baluard - the great mountain bastion of Agurts - it means something. It means you’re expected to be a defender at least, and probably a hero. And when a Baluardan talks about being a hero, what they mean is getting out there and leading from the frontlines. Maybe part of this sentiment stems from the fact that Baluardans are just built different: something in the air perhaps, but a lot of Baluardans are more muscular than their southern counterparts.

Enter Rahm Neuer, a typical Baluardan boy: strong and well-built from a military family, it was expected by one and all that he would join the vanguard just as his father had before him. But Neuer was earmarked to join the 15th Stealth team - a special operations unit promoted by Senator Broz to replace the Bucks Team.

The other Stealth operatives were surprised to get such a Baluardan to join them. Generally, to be more suitable for undercover missions, operatives would need to be small and swift. But they quickly realized that he was not only quick and quick-witted, but also possessed a natural understanding of how to read the battlefield, such that within just 2 years, Neuer was promoted to captain. Neuer's teams are often assigned top-secret missions in the Gray Zones, where the powerful Baluard carries on the heroics of his ancestors.

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Brand: Toys Alliance

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Product Features

  • 1/18 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the Acid Rain brand
  • Part of the FAV series
  • Detailed weathering effect
  • Compatible with existing 1/18 Acid Rain figures

Box Contents

    • Neuer figure
    • Masked head part
    • Military beret
    • DX-17 Battle Rifle
    • 2 MSG3 Submachine Guns
    • 2 KZ-4 Pistols
    • 2 Grenades

    Estimated time of arrival: Q1 2024

    SKU: BB-COL-ACT-23-01054


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