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Verycool 1/12 Cyberpunk Trikybaby Rainbow 15cm

Verycool 1/12 Cyberpunk Trikybaby Rainbow 15cm

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In 2020 AD, an unknown mysterious virus broke out on the earth,The virus spreads through the air. In a short period of time, countries around the world were infected by the virus, and more than 800,000 people died one after another.

The government of M, the most powerful country on earth, misjudged the power of the virus and neglected to take precautions against it, resulting in a massive infection of M's citizens, which led to ongoing civil unrest.In 2022, the pharmaceutical enterprise of country m developed a vaccine against the virus, but the incompetence of the government of country m caused the consortium of pharmaceutical enterprises to gradually control the economy and operation of the country. The vaccine did not benefit the public because of the research and development, but became a tool for the consortium to control country M.Everyone needs to live by the rules set by the consortium and the law is history. The consortium has taken control of the government and suppressed other pharmaceutical companies in order to monopolize and control the vaccine against the virus, and to continue to collect money and control the country.

In 2023, because of the incompetence of the government of country M, a mysterious organization appeared against the consortium.They are mainly composed of a group of young girls from different countries studying in country M. the name of the organization is "Tang 12".They also call themselves trickybaby-12, and the meaning of tricky also means to fight against the consortium and cause trouble.They believe in the creed and universal values inherited from China.
Due to the virus, all humans need to wear a mask to prevent infection while they going out. This relatively simple and effective way to resist the virus has gradually gained global recognition. Based on the popularity of 5G networks, masks have also been upgraded to wearable technology with integrated functions and different shapes and styles in response to the needs of citizens to go out and work, and apply them to daily work and life.


Brand: Verycool

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Product Features

  • Emulational head sculpture
  • 1/12 highly movable female body
  • Mechanical Mask
  • Mechanical earphone
  • Length sleeve jacket combination(-Chest pack vest)
  • Tight pants
  • Multifunctional skirt
  • Shoes
  • Underwear
  • Belt
  • Pistol holster*2
  • G17pistol
  • M19 11pistol
  • HK416
  • HK416-Red dot sight
  • Glove hand type (Natural hand (a pair), Hook gun right hand, Hook gun left hand)
  • Base with holder

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SKU: BB-COL-ACT-23-01064


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